Early prototype (just a taste of the mechanics! Full game looks WAY BETTER)

  • Lucas

    Level 10 has an error. King overlap a pawn when he is cornered.

    • Beavl

      Lucas! Could you detail the transformations you made to get to the bug you report? Thanks for playing btw!

      • echoe


        I just played this for a bit and am seeing it as well. To clarify, on level 10, my first move was Pawn>Bishop on F2. This required that the black knight come over and block my check. So I changed the pawn on H3 into a rook, but then the king took it, despite that square being protected by both a white knight and a bishop.

        • Aaron

          same error here

      • HikariStarshine

        Level 10 seems to just be having a bunch of issues, if that knight moves. The king likes to go and capture the thing at H3 whether or not it’s protected, as long as the knight’s there. Then if you go one move farther, it’ll always capture at G2 despite G2 being protected and H2 (at least in the cases I’ve found so far) being a safe move.

        • Beavl

          Well, we’ve found the bug. If a black piece is moved to defend a white check (for example, knight to G3 where it checks white) ingame logic goes crazy. We’re looking into it to make some adjustments. Thanks for pointing this out, guys!

  • tzs

    Some ideas that might offer some interesting puzzle ideas:

    Pawn promotion. Transform something that is on the 8th rank into a pawn, and then it immediately promotes to a queen, rook, bishop, or knight (your choice as to which). Right now, transforming on the 8th rank to a pawn is allowed, and then the pawn just sits there making the position look weird, so as a matter of aesthetics if promotion is not added then I think pieces on the 8th should not be allowed to transform into pawns (same goes for pieces on the 1st).

    Chained transformations. If you transform on the same square as the previous turn’s transform, the cost is the difference between the normal cost of the two transforms, plus 1 point. For instance, the sequence B->R->Q done as a chain would cost 10 points (5 points B->R, 4 points difference between Q and R, 1 point for chaining). B->R->B would cost 4 points (B->R 5 points, R->B, -2 points, 1 point for chain). B->N->B->N would cost 5 points (B->N 3 points, N->B 0 points, 1 point for chaining, B->N 0 points, 1 point for chaining). Transformations to pawns break chains.

    Sacrifice. A piece of your own can be transformed into nothingness. I’m not sure if this would be more interesting if it cost points (the same as it would cost to transform something to that piece?) or if it gave back points (maybe 1/2 or 1/3 the points transforming to that piece costs).

    • Beavl

      Wow, so many ideas for special modes… Chained transformations being one of our favourites!

  • Drum Chant

    The dialog box that opens when I win a level is slightly frustrating, because I have the urge to keep thinking about the problem and see how my solution worked, but the dialog box covers the pieces. Nice game!

  • Level 11 confuses me. The obvious Queen move should be to go down diagonally and take out the pawn in front of the king, putting the king in check. But it doesn’t do that.

  • Fogsight

    “Browser could not allocate enough memory for the WebGL content” – Firefox